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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Osbornes` Greater Manchester Mayoral stitch-up is a corporate step too far

First in a plan to impose democratically elected Mayor's on all our major cities - the ideal corporate arrangement - for unscrutinised wheeler dealing and doling out of privatised services contracts - obscured by political showmanship by `larger than life City Boss` personality contests.

Gtr Manchester Communist Party of Britain branch calls;

- upon the North West Trades Union, Labour, Community & Progressive Movements to unite to both defeat it and project a new democratic, 'people first' model of regional development.
- for the elimination of poverty and a better life for all
- for investment in sustainable manufacturing growth technologies and services and an end to the low pay, casualised economy
- for investment in affordable public housing and regulation of private renting
- for an HNS integrated at local authority (LA) level with high quality heath and social care
- for a non selective, equally funded, LA controlled education system delivered by professionally qualified teachers
- for an efficient and affordable local authority regulated transport system

We say NO to an Osbourne Mayor appointee. NO to Mayoral dictat. YES to a Greater Manchester referendum

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

TTIP meeting with Euro MEP this Friday 14th November

38 Degrees members in Manchester have organised a meeting with Afzal Khan, one of Manchester’s representatives in the European Parliament, to talk about TTIP.

Afzal Khan will get to vote on TTIP - the EU-US trade deal that could privatise our NHS, and allow big corporations to sue our government.Together, we can push him to vote the right way.

Attendees will have the opportunity to express their opinions on this regressive trade deal that seeks to undermine the states ability to challenge big business

Morning Star article on the Tranatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): here

Harry Pollitt: His life and legacy

On the 124th anniversary of his birth we meet to celebrate the life of Harry Pollitt. Communist, boilermaker and working class Lancashire lad. Born in humble circumstances to a blacksmith's striker and a cotton spinner, Harry rose to national prominence as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain during the time of the Kinder Scout trespass, the battle of Cable street, the international brigade and the Second World War. He narrowly missed out on being elected to parliament in 1945. Featured on a Soviet stamp, he even had a warship named after him. Kidnapped, imprisoned and blacklisted Harry suffered for his socialist and union activism. His story takes us from Greater Manchester to war torn Spain, Russia and China. An inspirational figure whose story and example needs to be remembered and celebrated in order to encourage young working class kids today to follow his example.

Speakers include:

Kevin Morgan-University of Manchester professor and biographer of Harry Pollitt

David Ayrton-Marx Memorial Library Tutor and NUJ

Unfortunately Harry's son Brian wanted to be with us but is unable to due to ill health.

All speakers are here in a personal capacity.

Chair; Adam White Longdendale councillor and Unite rep. Introduction from George Waterhouse, RMT rep and 2014 winner TUC congress award for youth.
Facebook page: here

Monday, 28 July 2014

Statement on Palestinian conflict

Greater Manchester Communist Party Branch condemns the outrage perpetrated by the Israeli State, by its attack by land & by air on the population of Gaza.

Israel has now crossed the rubicon of humanity by the destruction of life and its disregard for property. It pursues the illegal building of settlements and annexing of East Jerusalem in contravention of UN resolutions that call for them to desist and return to its 1967 borders.

We demand that;

- the mis-named Israeli Defence Force (IDF) cease its continuing bombardment of Gaza City and surrounding area's
- the IDF remove its armored weaponry out of, the area known as the Gaza Strip
- those member's of the British Parliament who are "Friend's of Israel" question why, by association, they support the IDF actions in Gaza
- Israel frees Marwan Barghouti and the thousands of political prisoners being held on trumped up charges

We call upon the world to;

- condemn the Israeli State & ask Israeli citizen's to renounce its government's policy.
- boycott all Israeli goods & services until progress is made towards returning land stolen from the Palestinian people as per relevant UN resolutions
- support any call for Israel to be removed from all European Sport connections forthwith

We call upon Hamas to;

- cease their missile attacks on the people of Israel, so that talks on a lasting peace in Palestine can recommence

These acts of inhumanity cannot be justified; the history of the Jewish people's is one of centuries of human misery and yet they allow this perpetration of another race to occur in their name. The Communist Party fully supports a two state solution based on a peaceful transition.

More information on the BDS campaign can be found by: clicking here

Monday, 14 July 2014

Morning Star Summer Sunday

The Greater Manchester Morning Star Supporters Group will be hosting an event in Glossop on the 27th July to raise money for the Star's appeal.

The event will take place at the Labour Club from 2pm. There will be music from the Glossop Mashers, poetry, a buffet lunch and stalls.

Tickets are £7, £5 concession and £12 solidarity. You are advised to book in advance as places are limited. For more information or tickets, please contact event organiser John at J.Hallsworth@mcr1.poptel.org.uk or 01457 865236

Prior to the event, there will be an opportunity for a short walk around the area. If you would like to come, meet at Glossop station for 11.45am start.

Follow Morning Star in the North West on Twitter

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nationalise 'big pharma', say Communists

'Only public ownership will protect jobs and facilities in Britain's pharmaceuticals industry, while also safeguarding the interests of NHS patients', Anita Halpin the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening.

She was arguing against the takeover of the British-based company AstraZeneca by US multinational giant Pfizer, which is being backed by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Business Secretary Vince Cable and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband are believed to favour a government inquiry into whether the biggest corporate takeover in British history would be in the 'public interest'.
'Pfizer have broken assurances to maintain R&D jobs and facilities in the US and Britain before and it would be madness to fall for the same guff twice', Ms Halpin pointed out.

The CP trade union organiser argued that the US corporation was primarily interested in dodging higher US taxes on profits and buying into the NHS which, she said, is 'up for sale'. AstraZeneca already has lucrative contracts to supply diagnostic services as well as drugs and has purchased an extensive database of NHS in-patent records.

'Both companies are multinational corporations which have been slashing R&D jobs and ripping off their customers in order to maximise profits for shareholders', Ms Halpin accused, revealing that the annual NHS drugs bill of £11bn allows for profit margins of up to 30 per cent on each product, on top of a margin for R&D investment.

'Instead of subsidising "Big Pharma", we should take a leaf out of Nye Bevan's book In Place of Fear (1952), when the founder of our NHS proposed that medical supplies be produced by public enterprise to prevent the fleecing of taxpayers by big business', she suggested.

The CP political committee also decided to:
- Express solidarity with railway staff, firefighters, teachers and other workers taking industrial action on pay, pensions and other terms and conditions of employment.
- Welcome the prospect of coordinated action on local government pay.
- Urge a massive turnout for the People's Assembly 'No More Austerity - Demand the Alternative' demonstration and free festival in London on June 21.
- Applaud the failure of celebrities in recent court cases to escape justice for sex offences.
- Condemn the decision by the Ukrainian Duma to ban Communist MPs from parliamentary proceedings.

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